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HighTouch HighTech Chicagoland is geared up for the 2020-2021 School year with our ALL NEW Virtual E-learning STEAM Workshops!

High Touch High Tech Chicagoland understands that the way in which we prepare for this school year will be a completely new and different experience for everyone. We would like to assure you that we will stay your provider for safe, educational, hands-on STEAM Fun! 

Our Mission is to Inspire, Explore, & Engage as many young minds in the wonderful of STEAM as we can! With that being said we have turned our traditional In-Person STEAM Workshops into Virtual Workshops. No Visitor's...No Problem!

What are the Elementary Virtual E-Learning STEAM Workshops & Kits?

  • The Virtual STEAM Workshops are any of our traditional In-person Workshops modified into a virtual workshop that can be completed remotely.
  • The E-Learning STEAM kits include a 30 Minute Instructional Video of one of our Real Scientist teaching the participants how to complete the workshop.
  • All materials needed to complete the STEAM workshop are included within the kits with exceptions of extra paper towels or larger quantities of water (ex: bowls of water)
  • All materials for STEAM Kits and the STEAM Kits themselves are packaged following CDC Guidelines.
  • A Claim, Evidence, Reasoning worksheet is provided for participants to answer questions about their STEAM Experiments. These questions follow Illinois Next Generation Science Standards.
  • We provide Teachers/Educators with the answer key to the CER Packet questions.
  • We also offer a scheduled 15 Minute Classroom Q&A with one of our Scientists via Zoom on the date/week in which you complete your HTHT STEAM workshops.
  • The STEAM Kits will be dropped off and delivered to your specified location.
  • In the event that your Institution does open up to outside vendors later in the year, we can switch your workshop from being E-learning to an IN PERSON 60 Minute presentation with one of our Real Scientist for no additional costs.

    Pricing For Elementary STEAM Kits

  • $7.00 per kit/per participant

  • $25.00 Delivery Fee 

  • No Additional cost for Zoom Q&A with our Real Scientists.

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Elementary Teacher's Guide/Workshop Choices to sign up for E-Kits

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Covid-19 Safety Protocols

High Touch High Tech Chicagoland remains committed to the health and safety of our participants and Educators. As we all work to regain our sense of normalcy, safety precautions preventing the spread of COVID-19 are our greatest priority. For this reason, our practices to help minimize the spread of potentially harmful germs include:
- Pre-packaged Science "Kits" for each participant.
- Sanitary techniques implemented when packaging supplies and materials needed for STEAM Workshops
- Visiting your Institution wearing proper PPE and practicing social distancing
- Adapting to your Institutions Safety Guidelines and being subject to Temperature Checks


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Additonal E-Learning Options!

Science Programs for Kids


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Additional Virtual Classes

HighTouch HighTech Chicagoland provides E-learning STEAM Workshops additionally for:

  • Pre-Schools & Early Education Centers
  • Park Districts
  • Libraries
  • After School Clubs & Enrichments
  • Homeschool Groups
  • Scout Programs
  • Summer Camps


Pre-Schools & Early Education Centers Virtual STEAM Kits are $7.00 per Participant and also include a $25.00 delivery Fee. For more information about Pre-School & Early Educations Options visit


Park Districts and Libraries Each STEAM kit has 3-4 Experiments and is supplied with a Link to View a 30-Minute Instructional Video that teaches the STEAM Workshop step-by-step by one of our REAL Scientists! All STEAM Kits are dropped off at your Library or Park District Location to distribute to participants.

Pricing for Virtual STEAM Kits

-15 Virtual STEAM Kits $150.00 Plus a $25.00 Delivery Fee

-25 Virtual STEAM Kits $200.00 Plus a $25.00 Delivery Fee

-30 Virtual STEAM Kits $250.00 Plus a $25.00 Delivery Fee

-50 Virtual STEAM Kits $300.00 Plus a $25.00 Delivery Fee

We also offer our Virtual STEAM Kits as Seasonal Packages, Order the 4 Season STEAM Kit Package!

  • Select the STEAM Kit of your choice and receives the video link for a 3-month period. Offer the STEAM Kits to your community to complete during the 3-month period.
  • This package will be for (4) 3-month Virtual STEAM Workshops. At the end of each of your 3-month durations we will drop off the new STEAM Kits for the new Seasonal Workshop.
  • Each workshop you will receive 25 STEAM Kits to hand out to your community. If you order the 4 Season Package, we will waive the Delivery Fee, that’s a saving of $100.00!
  • Total Price will be for $700.00 for 100 STEAM kits with (4) STEAM Topics for you and your community!

For more information about what we can offer please submit a Reservation Request by following this link


After School Clubs & Enrichments: For more information click here


Home School Groups & Montessori Schools: Pricing stays the same at $7.00 per kits plus a $25.00 Delivery Fee. Book 3 Separate Virtual Workshops and Receive a Discount per student.


Summer Camp Virtual STEAM Classes: For More information click here


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Complete List of Workshops

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